Aura:Health Manifesto


We believe in the importance of offering high quality products at affordable prices, with the aim of improving everyone’s daily life through technology.
Our desire is to develop solutions allowing anyone to protect themselves and their loved ones, providing comfort to everyday life despite the challenges brought to the world by the pandemic crisis.


The future of our planet lies in our hands and in the choices we make every day: minimizing waste during production and opting for eco-friendly materials is what we feel as a priority.
Our face masks are made with certified organic cotton and designed to last: choosing reusable products over disposable ones is a sustainable choice aimed at reducing waste and pollution.

Technology and innovation

We are committed to the constant exploration of new technologies in the health sector, to further improve our products and offer answers to daily needs, involving the most recent innovations.
Our goal is to offer accessible, easy to use and highly performing products.


We support fluidity and believe in the importance of building strong relationships, working alongside companies to create solutions oriented towards health and quality of life.
Our offer is highly flexible and all our products are customizable according to our customers and partners needs.


We teamed up with companies sharing our values and vision, to offer innovative, accessible and sustainable products.